Museum of Religious Art

Museo de Arte Religioso del CuscoAddress: Calle Hatunrumiyoc s/n.
Opening hours: 08:00- 18:00 (monday – saturday); 10:00 – 18:00 (sun)
The museum exhibits religious artworks and is located in the Archbishop’s Palace of Cusco, a beautiful colonial-style building with an imposing front and colonial balconies. The enclosure housed the royal palace of the Inca emperor Sinchi Roca and one of its walls houses the famous 12 angles stone , a block of stone that surprises by the accuracy of its carving and integration with the architectural block.

Qoricancha Site Museum

Museo de sitio qoricanchaAddress: Av. el Sol, jardines del Templo del Qoricancha.
Opening hours: 09:00- 17:00 (monday – saturday); 14:00 – 16:00 (sunday)
It presents a collection of 18th century Spanish paintings and photos of the Qoricancha excavation (Temple of the Sun). Access is via an underground entrance located in the garden of Qoricancha. It has five rooms that tell the most important aspects of the history of the cultures and people established in the area.

Inka Museum

Museo InkaAddress: Cuesta del Almirante 103.
Opening hours: 08:00- 18:00 (monday – friday); 09:00 – 16:00 (saturday and holidays)
Also known as the Archaeological Museum of Cusco, it has a valuable collection of Inca mummies and a complete sample of pre-Columbian Andean cultures that preceded the Incas. An impressive collection of Q’eros (Inca ceremonial vessels) and a unique series of pictorial portraits of the Inca nobility of the XVII century, will make the visit worthwhile. The museum has a copy of the second edition of the “Real Commentaries of the Incas”, main work of Gómez Suárez de Figueroa, nicknamed Inca Garcilaso de la Vega (17th century).